The Enduring Appeal of Farmhouse Homes

The Enduring Appeal of Farmhouse Homes

It’s not just for your grandparents anymore.

These days, the popularity of the old-fashioned farmhouse home is skyrocketing all over the country. What is it about a farmhouse home that appeals to everyone so much?

Here’s our breakdown of all there is to love about a farmhouse home, and why you should consider getting in on this trend.

It’s cozy

There’s something about a farmhouse home that invites you to put your feet up and stay a while. It’s the same homey feeling most of us remember from enjoying Sunday dinner at our grandparents’ house during our childhood. It evokes childhood memories of beloved family members, laughter and good food.

Even with all their modern conveniences, more modern designs still can’t quite match this feeling of solid, trustworthy comfort and can feel cold and uninviting in comparison. A farmhouse feels warm and approachable, wrapping you in its arms and making you feel that you’re loved no matter what.

You can sit at the wooden dining room table and feel like your family members might walk through the door and sit down with you at any moment.

It looks great.

The simple, clean lines of a traditional farmhouse design will always have great aesthetic appeal. This is especially true today as families increasingly seek a minimalist, back-to-basics ethos in their home design as in their lives. Simple black and white color schemes, with vertical lines and vintage accents, give your home an impressive yet understated curb appeal. Consider a gabled roof for added character and tall windows to let in plenty of natural light.

The interior of a farmhouse home is simplistic and functional, featuring a large kitchen and rustic wooden beams in the ceiling. As a bonus, this functionality means every square foot of living space is used effectively.

It has the best front porch.

One of the most appealing features of a farmhouse home is a large front porch. In some cases, the porch can wrap around the whole house, effortlessly extending your living space to the outdoors.

These porches form yet another canvas for your decorating flair, giving you the opportunity to make a style statement to guests before they even come indoors. You have the freedom to decorate with patio furniture, rocking chairs, or canopy swings.

Your seating can be modern or traditional, as you prefer. A variety of potted plants can add some pops of color. All of these details combine to make your front porch the perfect spot for visiting, daydreaming, or just enjoying a beautiful sunset.

It offers a big, open kitchen.

The farmhouse kitchen is beautifully functional, allowing plenty of space for meal preparation. Most farmhouse homes feature a kitchen island, making the task of preparing food easy, even delightful. A deep sink not only evokes a vintage look but has the added advantage of convenience. Speaking of convenience, farmhouse kitchens are also known for offering lots of storage space.

An array of attractive cabinets, combined with an old-fashioned pantry closet, means that food can be easily and safely stored and organized, thus keeping clutter to a minimum and making meal preparation a delight. With so much appeal, the kitchen will quickly become a favorite gathering place for family members and guests.

It’s versatile.

Farmhouse decor is by no means a “one size fits all” endeavor. You can mix and match accessories and styles that are old and new, combining the best of both. You can add some fun and modern rugs or light fixtures to give your old-fashioned space a dash of your own fresh, personal style.

A few modern furniture pieces can nicely complement more traditional elements such as a natural wood accent wall or barn doors. A nice perk about farmhouse homes is that your furniture does not have to match. This means you are free to look for furniture and accessories that appeal to you in thrift stores and consignment shops. You can easily find furniture you’ll love at an affordable price.

It has lots of character.

Every farmhouse home we build is crafted lovingly and has a unique character that’s all its own. You will enjoy showing visitors around knowing that no one else has a home quite like yours. It has its own special charm that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s built to last.

It’s true; whether it was shoes, cars or jewelry, our ancestors produced items that would last, and it’s the same with houses, too. Farmers needed homes that would stand for centuries, that they could pass on to future generations, and they knew how to ensure that would happen. Like our forebears, a reputable home builder will use moisture-resistant materials, carefully designing the roof, walls, and foundation to stand up to extreme weather.

No matter how severe the weather is, you can curl up next to a warm fire with a good book, knowing that your home will continue to provide shelter from the elements just as farmhouses have done for centuries.

The growing popularity of farmhouse homes shows how our values are changing. As our culture is going back to basics, revisiting timeless values of hard work, simple foods, and family togetherness, a farmhouse home is the perfect place to live out these old-fashioned values.

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