5 mistakes to Avoid when Building a Home


5 mistakes to Avoid when Building a Home

1- Waiting to speak with a Lender

Looking for a New Home is exciting, as it should be, but you need to understand the budget you want to stay within. This way you don’t get led down the road to disappointment by falling in love with something that takes you out of Your comfort zone.

It’s also important to understand all the options available to you, so starting this process early while researching homes is critical to a smooth and manageable process.

2- Not knowing Your Timeline

As you begin your research, you want to start with the end in mind. That means, determining when you want to be in your new home, and then backing into that date with enough time so you don’t feel stressed, or pressured based on your current situation.

For example, if you want to be in your home before the new school year starts, you really need to select the builder for you about 12 months beforehand. This should allow enough time for all the planning, designing, loan completion, and construction process.

3- Not doing Your Research

This is likely the biggest and most emotional purchase you will ever make, whether it’s your first home or your last home, there’s no substitute for researching all your options. Make sure the Builder you choose understands your needs 100% and has the same passion and care for building your New Home as you.

4- Expecting Perfection

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and the Dream of building your New Home, but that doesn’t mean it will be a perfect process. Make sure that you protect your emotions by knowing there will be some bumps in the road.

That doesn’t mean it will be a bad experience, it just means you are prepared for the reality of building a home.

5- Being Afraid to Move Forward

At the end of the day, only You can make the decision to move forward with Your dream of building a home. Once you have done all your research, feel comfortable with the budget you’ve created, understand the process it takes and found a builder you trust, and a home that meets your needs – Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.

Things can change fast and the sooner you get started the better you are protected against the unknowns life can throw at us.

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