Custom Home Builder In Statesville NC

Custom Home Builder in Statesville NC

In 2021, Holloway Family Homes expanded its operation and established an office in Statesville, North Carolina. As a home builder in Statesville, NC, we provide custom home building services to people like you. We know that you prefer to live in a home built for you; a satisfying and rewarding feeling.


Our goal is to help you feel comfort in your newly-built house. Learn more about Statesville, NC, and Holloway Family Homes.


About Statesville, NC

Like the rest of the colonial areas, Statesville, North Carolina, has a rich history. Originally part of Fourth Creek Congregation, the settlement became known as Statesville in 1789. In 1833, the area’s leaders laid railroad tracks to connect it to other towns. The economy saw success as a grower of tobacco products, manufacturer and blender of whiskey, and distribution center for herbs.


With a population of just over 28,000 in 2020,[1] the city held almost 11,000 households. The city had a population of 215 in 1850.


Today, Statesville features a stable economy that employs individuals in manufacturing, retail trade, and health care assistance. It also provides high-paying jobs in finance, insurance, and real estate.


Improvements continue taking place in the area. Leadership estimates that traffic through the city will continue growing through 2035. Thus, the city remains focused on making infrastructure improvements to accommodate the anticipated growth.


Some of the traffic comes from meetings and conventions that take place at Statesville’s community centers, hotels, and Chamber of Commerce. Other traffic comes from the things to do in Statesville.


Things to Do in Statesville

Those who want to see a portion of the American south from the sky head to Statesville. It’s home to the annual Carolina BalloonFest. Attendees enjoy RV camping, balloon rides, music, and food over three days, rain or shine. It’s a family affair that celebrates tradition, simple foods, and beautiful surroundings.


When you stop by the event, you might spot the American bald eagle balloon. Then, you can experience tethered balloon rides, tastes of the local area, and meet and greet with the pilots.


If you can’t make it for the festival, the city offers Stay and Play packages that include Up, Up, and Away tickets.


In addition, individuals who enjoy film can enjoy the Full Bloom Film Festival held annually in September. The festival promises something for everyone.


When you explore Statesville, you’ll discover outdoor adventures, agriculture, entertainment, and the arts. Of course, you’ll also discover heritage and history that dates back to the pre-Civil War days.


Historical Statesville, NC

History buffs can head to the Fort Dobbs State Historic site where a portion of the French and Indian War took place. Plus, they can head to one of the officially recognized historical sites. The National Register of Historic Places for Statesville boasts more than 25 historic buildings and neighborhoods.


For example, Allison Woods carries several historical designations. William Locke Allison established a farm with six buildings, four sites, and three structures between 1926 to 1939. The Register deemed it historic in 1995. In 1996, the site received an entry of Regional Importance into the Iredell County Natural Heritage Inventory. Now the 1,000 acres is home to the Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center.


Another historical site is Mitchell College in the Mitchell College Historic District. In 1853, it received its charter as the Concord Presbyterian Female College. The school saw several name changes before it became Mitchell College in 1917 after the daughters of scientist and educator Elisha Mitchell, Eliza Grant and Margaret Eliot. In 1932, it admitted its first male students. When the school joined the North Carolina Community College System in 1973, it officially became Mitchell Community College. Today, it offers education to co-ed community college students.


The Mitchell College Historic District also holds 336 contributing buildings that feature architectural marvels. You’ll find the Broad St. Methodist Church and George Anderson House in it.


About Holloway Family Homes

Like Statesville, NC, Holloway Family Homes has a rich history. We have built custom homes since the 1980s. In 1946, we started by relocating existing homes. We moved into home building after creating our On-Your-Lot Home Building Division. The growth we experienced led to interest from Jim Walter Homes. Thus, they acquired our operation.


Texas Farmhouse Homes re-established our original company in 2012 and our Model Home & Design Center. Then, Texas Farmhouse Homes became part of Holloway Family Homes. Finally, our growth led us to North Carolina.


Building a Custom Home with Holloway Family Homes

When you pick where you want to live, you can purchase a home from the existing inventory. However, buying a used home has its own set of issues, and might end costing you more in the long run. Instead, you can hire professional home builders from Holloway Family Homes to construct your dream home. Holloway Family Homes will build your residence considering your own circumstances and budget.


In a city like Statesville, NC, and all the surrounding counties, you can live the American dream. Like those that came before us, you too can live in a home specifically designed and created for you.


For more information about our company, you can view our brochures:


Life runs on milestones. The Growing Family brochure takes into account that you plan to extend your happy family. Then, some households remain together for generations. Sometimes parents help their children get a good start in life so the children stay home to save on expenses. Other times your parents move in with you to help you with your children. For multigenerational households, our Multigenerational brochure provides helpful information.


Finally, the day might arrive when the birds leave the nest. Therefore, it’s time to downsize. Our Downsizing brochure shares some ideas for this process.


Each life milestone benefits from different floor plans. Two popular options include the Charlotte and the Cary. The Charlotte leaves room to spare while the Cary places a focus on space efficiency.


With the Charlotte floor plan, we can incorporate an upstairs loft, two-story foyer, roomy kitchen, and walk-in pantry, perfect for a growing family or multigenerational household. Since the Cary floor plan focuses on space efficiency, our team can incorporate a flexible second floor and office nook without wasting any space in a compact design.


If you have any questions about our home plans, please feel free to call us or visit our offices. We proudly build modern homes with tradition in mind. Our goal is to build a home were you and your family can share happy memories for generations to come.



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